About us

Pentagon is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of gift, cellular, and phone cards. We also produce monthly passes, transfers and tickets for transit corporations across the country.

From our roots in commercial printing over 35 years ago, we’ve grown to the point where we now produce millions of card products in our one secure facility. Our products are shipped worldwide.

Our marketing experts can now help companies who are looking to get a better return on their direct marketing campaigns. From local businesses to large corporations, DirectMarketing Plus combines the personalness of direct mail with the power of the internet to attract and contact your future customers.

Pentagon's 1-2-3 Quality Philosophy

     1. To provided our customers world class products and multilingual service through investment equipment and technologies.

     2. To deliver the highest calibre product by having all aspects of production housed under one roof.

     3. To treat our customer's card products as "cash" with the same respect given to legal tender.

At Pentagon we see ourselves as a key partner in the creative process. As the all-important final step before your customer purchases or uses your product, Pentagon is where your ideas take flight.