Design Specifications

Artwork : Bleeds shoulds be at least 1/8".
Photoshop files should arrive in 'layered' format.
Text : Always leave a minimum of 1/8" blank space around the entire edge of the card.
PIN # : The position is flexible, but most often centered on the card.
PIN size is 1.625" x .25" with 1/8" blank space all around.
Control # : The position is flexible but most often in the lower left or right hand corner of the card.
Control no. size is 1.75" x .25" with 1/8" blank space all around.



We accept files in the following MAC or PC format. 

  • Quark Xpress 8 or earlier (mac), 6.0 or earlier(pc)
  • Adobe InDesign CS5 or earlier 
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or earlier 
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or earlier 
  • Macromedia Freehand MX or earlier 
  • Corel Draw PC  X13