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Own Your Own Private Label Design Online Printing Company


Private Label Dealership program:

Your company is in business to make sales. Pentagon Plastic is in business to professionally deliver on the sales that you make and to support you in your sales efforts. A lower price means very little to your customers if deadlines aren't met, files are not what were expected and customers are not comfortable.

Since 1974, Pentagon has been successfully manufacturing prepaid and promotional plastic and paper cards.  As a result of that success we are now offering a new private label Dealership program.




Learn From the Professionals - Online Training


One of Pentagon’s primary jobs in the launch of a new Dealership is to help make it successful. We need to work in coordination with one another in order for the relationship to produce the desired results. Your success is contingent on us and our success is contingent on you.

In that spirit, you will be provided with and trained on our sales program prior to opening your dealership. This will give you step by step instruction on the processes that we have followed and built on since 1997.

Each new Dealer is recommended to complete our training curriculum.

There are a number of purposes for this training regimen. It will familiarize you with who Pentagon is, what our products are, what we do, what we expect of you, what you can expect of us and how together we can drive one another’s success, through professionally helping our dealers achieve success.

Second, it proves to us that you understand our products, model and concept and are prepared to undertake the operation of the Dealership.

Third, it is a training tool that you can use for any new hires as they come on board with you. This allows you to ensure that they will be an effective part of your team.

The explicit purpose of the training is to ensure that you have the information and understanding required to place your Dealership in a position to succeed and properly serve your clients.



On-site training



Our Dealer program is NOT a franchise, we do however believe in training for success and are committed to working with you - that's why we make ourselves available for on-site training.

This training is free of charge, however you are responsible for the Pentagon representative’s travel and accommodation expenses.

On-site training will also afford you the opportunity to work hands on with a Pentagon representative in order to address any trouble areas you may have or discuss any ideas that could help your Dealership in its day to day activities.

Pentagon values your feedback and wants to know what your experiences are, so that we can use them to make our products better, as well as more saleable for your Dealership.

During your training, a certain amount of time will be allocated to reviewing new Pentagon offerings,  discussing your Dealership, and how Pentagon can help you take it to the next level.