Your cards are "cash". As such, they need to be treated with the same respect given to legal tender. With that in mind, we've taken the following precautions to ensure that your valuable cards remain safe and secure throughout the entire production, wrapping and packaging workflow.


  1. A to Z in-house production / By doing all the work under one roof we've eliminated the risks of loss, damage and theft associated with producing cards using multiple suppliers.
  2. Video surveillance / Our facility is monitored inside and outside by a network of cameras and alarms. 
  3. Controlled access / All access to the Pentagon facility is controlled 24/7 at two sign-in points. 
  4. Authorized access / All personalization, wrapping and packaging is handled inside a gated area accessible only by authorized employees using a card access system. 
  5. Secure PIN transmission / Regular e-mail is not secure. We use FastStore to transfer files of all sizes across the Internet with ease and security. FastStore uses FileFlow's military grade 2048-bit RC4 encryption for the highest possible security. 
  6. Anti-fraud measures / Whether you choose regular security scratch-off label or high security scratch-off labels, your cards are designed to protect you from fraud. 
  7. Orders in progress / Unfinished cards are stored in locked cabinets within our gated production area. 
  8. Packing tape / We pack your order using an exclusive tamper-resistant packing tape identified with the Pentagon logo. 
  9. Shipment logs / A detailed log accompanies all shipments so you know exactly what you've received and when. 
  10. Shredding / All production waste and excess cards are shredded as a final theft prevention measure