Tipping supports the marketing process

Cosmetic and fragrance companies tip product samples to magazine pages. Direct mail companies tip coins, keys or other objects to personalized marketing collateral. And retailers tip gift and loyalty cards to promotional carriers.

Pick & Place Feeding

Pentagon's use of pick & place feeding means we can tip awkwardly shaped items on to a wide variety of carriers with a high degree of accuracy and speed. Our pick & place feeder easily handles many items which cannot be tipped using a conventional feeder. As an added benefit, up to four different items can be tipped-on in one pass.

Over the years Pentagon has tipped coins and keys, business reply cards, compact discs, lotion, shampoo and pharmaceutical samples in sachets, membership, phone and loyalty cards, game pieces, refrigerator magnets, seed packages, coupons, booklets and more.

If you've got a tipping idea call us we'll help make it fly.