Wrapping & Packaging


We run multiple high-speed Ilapak flow-wrapping lines for a total monthly wrapping capacity of over 20 million CR80 cards, over-wrapped in bandoliers of 5 to 25 according to your needs or, cut into singles. We also offer a second batch-wrapping system that can handle sizes other then CR80 in batches of 5 to 100. The result: total card-wrapping flexibility with every order you place.


Once your cards are wrapped Pentagon's packaging team takes over and, once again, flexibility is the name of our game. We can package to any specification you provide, but typically we'll pack ten over-wrapped bandoliers of 25 cards (250 units) into a small box, then pack ten boxes (2500 units) into a shipping carton.

Each box and carton carries a label that identifies its contents by a range of sequential control numbers that make it easy for you to keep track of valuable inventory. In addition, each box is sealed with Pentagon's exclusive tamper resistant packing tape. The final step is skidding or crating your order for shipment to its final destination: anywhere in the world you or your customers need it.